About SQF

Servants’ Quarters Fellowship was born as a mission of First Baptist Church of New Smyrna Beach, Florida in August of 1997. The resulting Fellowship (Church) is application oriented and is guided by its foundational purpose statement of “growing Christians in the application of the principles of God’s Word.”

Its priorities, derived from the purpose, are to “invite-introduce, inspire, instruct, encourage, involve, engineer, and enable.” Its personality of servanthood is reflected in its name. The Fellowship strives to reach the un-Churched of the Edgewater/New Smyrna Beach area through meaningful ministry that meets the needs of people. Therefore, it is structured for ministry and designed with a “body” concept.

This means the Fellowship is composed of functional membership (each member having a thorough understanding of the concept and operation of SQF and every member having a personal task within the Fellowship) and is Covenant based with Covenant renewal annually.

The concept of “every member a minister” allows SQF to function without traditional Church operational structure of committees, programs, and official offices. Its emphasis concerns the cooperative SQF growth process. This process includes progressive seminars of awareness and commitment structured to accomplish the purpose of the Fellowship and a special application of Sunday teachings called “Totally Twisted Discipleship” to engage each attender in creative Spiritual thinking and growth.

Ongoing local ministries, World Ministry, Shepherding Ministry, Applying Principles to Life Qlusters (small groups), and special ministry projects stimulate all attenders to Kingdom excitement. Servants’ Quarters Fellowship has adopted other “unusual”, yet practical, practices that attract the attention of both the Churched and un-Churched communities.

These include: a vision of remaining a mobile Church without the acquisition of property and buildings, instilling the confidence to minister in all attenders, building Fellowship financial stability based on covenant members and not visitors and attenders, ministry funding administered by corporate pastors to facilitate the purpose of the Fellowship, promotion and advertising through “word of mouth” only, one Church conference per year (for the “business” of ministry updates), and a commitment to meaningfulness in all of its practices and services. Servants Quarters Fellowship is a cooperating Church with the Florida Baptist Convention, and Southern Baptist Convention and participates in the Cooperative Program of Southern Baptists.

It is anxious to involve itself with those persons, institutions, and activities that will accomplish its purpose for the Kingdom of God.